Our Boat Wood Furniture and Accessories Come from Recycled Hard-Wood Teak Canoes. Crafted in Indonesia.

Indonesia has over 17,500 islands making water traveling and fishing a major part of everyday life.  This reclaimed colorful boat wood comes from fishing boats in Indonesia that are beyond repair or are too expensive to repair.

Craftsmen dismantle the boats and the resulting planks are cleaned then sanded. The planks are restored to create beautiful pieces of furniture.  We do not chop down trees to create our furniture. Everything is recycled.

Years of layered paint gets weathered down overtime by natural elements creating one of a kind pieces of furniture and accessories. The natural beauty of the boat wood’s vibrant paint is preserved and not repainted. The fishing boat is given a new life and purpose.

Boat wood accessories and furniture pieces are made completely from these recycled and reclaimed fishing boats. Boat wood is naturally resistant to the elements making it strong and durable.

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